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COVID’s got Nothing on the ‘IceMan’…

By. Dr. Marika Geis, ND As an enthusiast of the ‘ancestral health’ model, I’m always looking for cool ways to incorporate elements of our prehistoric life into this modern one. Things like avoiding grains and legumes (especially if you have IBS/IBD or SIBO), waking up with the sun and going to bed with the sun […]

Mind Body Wealth

Clarifying Values as a Path to Financial Wellness. By: Dr. Marika Geis, BSc, ND   Here’s a sobering reality: Women in Canada earn just 74 cents on the dollar compared to men. Women have longer life expectancies and are therefore more likely to live alone and cash poor in their old age. Despite a new […]

The Right Question in the Darkest Hour

Like most people coping with this new reality, my family and I have settled into a new routine that includes strings of pajama days, eating and sleeping at odd hours, and rationing out chores lest I run out of things to do (did I mention that my house is REALLY clean? LOL). I’ll even admit […]

Germ theory vs Terrain? Pasteur and Beauchamp duke it out!

Ever wonder to yourself why you can have two people with similar exposure to a certain pathogen yet one person has only mild symptoms and the other is laid up for weeks on end? Western Medicine, insofar as it relates to infection, is based primarily on Louis Pasteur’s work on pasteurization (he is AKA the […]

Say What, Now? Vinegar can help my diabetes?

By: Dr. Marika Geis, BSc, N.D   After almost 15 years in practice, I think I can safely say that the two most powerful disruptors of health are chronic psychological stress and the poor diet choices that go along with it (not that these two variables need to go hand in hand, only that they […]

Progesterone: Too Much of a Good Thing?

Bio-identical progesterone isn’t without risk By: Marika Geis, ND Ask anyone suffering from extreme PMS or early menopause if they’ve benefited from bio- identical hormones and they’ll tell you that along with B vitamins, Fish oil, Chaste-tree, seed rotations, calcium/magnesium, liver and adrenal support, bio-identical progesterone was a game changer. The benefits of bio-identical progesterone […]

Film Review: Jeffrey Smith’s Genetic Roulette

By Dr. Marika Geis, BSc, ND A couple of months ago I came across a film that can only be described as a public service announcement. The spirit of common sense that keeps us wearing our seatbelts andfrom getting behind the wheel while under the influence will be the same that makes your resolution for […]

Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis: Naturopathic Medicine in Action

A Case of Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis AKA Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis. By Dr Marika Geis, ND When I think of two years old’ a vision of the Merry Melodies Tasmanian Devil comes to mind: A screaming whirlwind of dust leveling everything in its path or in the case of my own children, launching themselves off the […]

The Benefits of Water in Your Life

By: Marika Geis, BSc, ND Beverage wars. With the multitudes of choices out there, sodas, ‘vitamin water’, sugar laden antioxidant juices, white teas promoting ‘anti-aging’ benefits, it’s a safe bet that water remains the healthiest choice. However, when it comes to water, consumers often are faced with mixed messages. You’re making a healthier choice sure, […]