Healthy by Nature: Naturopathic Medicine Through the Ages and Stages


Dr. Marika Geis, N.D. is pleased to announce an exciting new opportunity to learn about the foundations of Naturopathic Medicine in the context of your own health at every stage of life.

You will not only walk away with a deep understanding of the variables that contribute to chronic disease but have solid framework with which to identify when problems arise and how to effectively mitigate and treat them.

This 9 week exploration into our body’s organizing principles, will cover

  1. How stress and nutrition influence hormonal regulation and their impact on menopause and andropause (‘man-o-pause’) including people looking to grow their families
  2. Medical diets and their efficacy for stubborn digestive issues
  3. The Gut/Brain/Skin connection as it relates to allergies, eczema, allergies and behavioral issues in children
  4. How our immunity is impacted by diet and stress (among other things), the consequences of which can be seen on multiple levels including digestion, memory and concentration
  5. Provide an understanding of the elements at play in the aging process.


Join me in this fun but powerful exploration into the deeper workings of our bodies. These basic principles have the potential to radically shift how we live and experience our bodies. When you’re aligned and feeling your best, there’s no limit to what you can accomplish.  Carpe diem! 

There are a total of 9 classes: 8 of which are listed and the introductory class which is mandatory. The classes are available either as a group of 9 or in 2 or 3 class blocks. Please register as soon as you are able as space is limited. I am so excited to be able to share this information with you. Hope to see you all soon!

Location: #1, 755-13th Street, Invermere, British Columbia

  • 2 Classes $95
    introductory class is included for a total of 3 classes
  • 3 Classes $135
    introductory class is included for a total of 4 classes
  • 8 Classes $320
    introductory class is included for a total of 9 classes